The Clean Air Dialogue in the Netherlands was organized on 17/18 february 2021. The event was co-organised and co-hosted by the European Commission and the Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. Due to COVID restrictions the Dialogue was organized as a digital event. During these two days the we welcomed over 250 participants, including guests from other European Member States. Besides the main event itself, a side-event was organized by the Ministry in which a wide spectrum of organisations took the floor to present their experiences related to clean air: cities and regions presented their activities in the areas covered in the Clean Air Dialogue, the European Committee of the Regions presented their opinion and finally, the city of Milan presented the European Partnership on Air Quality.

This brochure contains the highlights of the Clean Air Dialogue and the side-programme. The official conclusions are published on the European Commission’s website. For more information on the Clean Air Agreement you can sent an email to: